The Challenges Of Sir Gawain And The Green Knight

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Sir Gawain and the Green Knight tell about a loyal servant (Sir Gawain) of King, Arthur who accepted a dangerous challenge from the Green Knight in place of the king. He felt that his life would be less missed if anyone were to lose their life. He was a man of great integrity for accepting and holding his end of the deal with the Green Knight. Sir Gawain had faced a few problems on his journey in this story which tested his morals and caused him to have an internal conflict. You will see the trials that he faced and may find that Sir Gawain’s decisions turned out for the better for him. You may also think that some events that happened are confusing, but if you keep reading you will see how it falls into place. Sir Gawain always tried to live by his morals of chivalry, loyalty, and honesty, but you will see in this story how times can be tempting; for instance, Sir Gawain showed his loyalty to King Arthur by standing in place of the king for the challenge of the Green Knight; Sir Gawain also restrained from sexual advances from the king’s wife; including, Sir Gawain’s honesty about the gift he received from the king’s wife. Sir Gawain accepts the challenge for King Arthur. One day King Arthur and his knights were gathered to celebrate Christmas and the New Year, when suddenly, an enormous, fully green man arrives at court named the Green Knight. He and King Arthur make conversation and the Green Knight challenges King Arthur’s men at court. No one accepts the Green knight’s
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