The Challenges Of The Lewis And Clark Expedition

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Before Lewis and Clark explored it , the West was virtually untouched by Europeans. It was the home of many Native tribes., such as the Missouri, and Ohta Nations, the Tieton- Su, and the Nez Perce. It was also home to many unknow plants and animals, such as bison. The Lewis and Clark Expedition, faced many challenges and triumphs that changed the lives of many. The Lewis and Clark Expedition was not all fun and games. They had to deal with things like, hostile Natives, cold, bitter winters with no shelter, and unforgiving terrain. Although many natives were helpful towards the expedition, some thought them intruders to their sacred lands. For example, the Tieton-Su,one of the strongest tribes in the area decided that the expedition would not continue. They caught the expedition and pointed weapons at them however, luck was with the expedition. They continued up river.This was not the only challenge the expedition faced, the had to face bitter temperatures and feet of…show more content…
They also saw animals like Bison and Prairie Dogs. The Expedition opened up the West for exploration and settlement. Some of the impacts of the expedition were not good, however. For Native Americans it was the beginning of the end. In 50 years time they would be cruelly “ relocated” and pushed from their sacred lands by our federal government. To Europeans the Lewis and Clark Expedition was an overwhelming success. In conclusion, there were many challenges that the expedition faced as well as triumphs which majorly impacted people's lives. The expedition weathered many challenges such as mountains, bitter winters and hostile Natives.However with great challenge comes great triumph. Tribes and people alike helped them like the Nez Perce, Shoshone and Sacagawea. The Lewis and Clark Expedition changed our lives as we know
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