The Chamber Night Analysis

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“Music is a language that doesn’t speak in particular words. It speaks in emotions, and if it’s in the bones, it’s in the bones” (Keith Richard). The Chamber Night on March 1, 2018 at A.Y. Jackson had many talented musicians performing a variety of genres. It has grasped my heart from the very beginning and has not failed to keep me engaged in the performance. No words could describe the sensation that I was left with after listening. It has captivated even my inner most being, making it the most enthralling and alluring music. Out of the many musicians, two performances have stood out immensely: Karakuri Pierrot and Karakuri Pierrot by 40mP was performed marvellously by Alan Zhang, Bobby Ma, and William You. This trio consisted of a pianist,…show more content…
Achilles Jiang, successfully enchanting the audience. Within this piece, there is a constant change of mood. In the beginning as well as the other parts in which has a similar rhythm to it, the instruments intertwine with one another like the waves, smoothly flowing through. During these parts, a depressing sensation washes over me, and the decrescendos and crescendos make it more exaggerated. Additionally, the ritardando before transitioning into the more aggressive and faster rhythm brings out the sadness even more. However, during the first transition into the new tempo, it was a bit too quick, which does not allow the audience to savor the moment. It was have been more effective if they have stretched their ritardando apparent there. Moreover, the transition into the quicker tempo gave a more determined feeling to it. The trumpet soloist in this part of the piece has articulated the melody well, bringing into light the emotion they want to portray. Nevertheless, one suggestion towards the melody line for the whole piece would be phrasing. By phrasing the notes, using crescendos and decrescendos, to make the music flow more smoothly would communicate the emotion to a greater extent. Furthermore, the harmonies of the piece were well balanced and kept a very full sensation. As a result, the piece was majestically performed, challenging the audience to not be allured by their
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