The Chameleon Effects: Case Study: Bollywood Oscars

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The chameleon effect works for protectees going out in public—until it doesn’t. When the moment of recognition happens, take it in stride. If the fan attempts to embrace their idol:
• Don’t let it happen;
• Don’t mean mug;
• Do give them a way out.
Celebrities do not belong to “their public.” To live their own lives with some semblance of normalcy, the stars need protection and willingly paying for it.
Case Study: “Bollywood Oscars”
We worked a very large detail for IIFA (the International Indian Film Academy awards show), popularly known as the Bollywood Oscars. Each year, a different country hosts this four-day “green-carpet” extravaganza, honoring the best Indian films of the year.
Several months prior to the 2014 IIFA Awards show, officially known as the 15th International Indian Film Academy Awards, my Director of Client Services, Tracy Hunter, started corresponding with the organizers via email. We were awarded a very large detail—despite a local competitor’s attempt to tarnish our reputation in a long derogatory email (which our IIFA contact showed me). The way to earn business is to show superior value, not to tear others down. Doing so is very unprofessional and I see a lot of that in this industry.
The official ceremony was conducted on April 26, 2014 at Tampa’s Raymond James Stadium. It was the first U.S. appearance of the celebration, which goes to a new country each year. The hosts were actors Shahid Kapoor and Farhan Akhtar.
John Travolta, who was being

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