The Change Of Power In Al Orwell's Animal Farm

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Adolf Hitler. Omar Hassan al-Bashir. Probably when you hear both of these names you think in death or bad things. Of course, they were/are obscene leaders, but maybe before they had all the power they were normal people. “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.”- Lord Acton. Acton’s quote portrays very well how power can corrupt people, and how absolute power can corrupt people. In the book Animal Farm, we can see that power corrupts. The change of the commandments was one of the primary changes in the Farm. The pigs corruption change the farm immensely too. Napoleon, which used false propaganda to tell lies about Snowball, was a cruel leader In the beginning of the book, all the animals wanted the revolution to happen, because they wanted to overthrow Mr. Jones, which would lead them freedom. At a first moment, all the pigs wanted the transformation to happen, but after they became leaders, they made extreme changes. The most radical one, was to change the seven commandments of animalism. These commandments shouldn’t be violated at all. We can see this, when some pigs were killed by the charge of the “traitors to the Animal Farm”. Since the animals questioned this crucial act, because one of the commandments said “no animal should kill another animal.” They asked Muriel, the goat (the only one who knew how to read in the farm), to read the sixth commandment. Muriel reads it out loud, “No animal shall kill another
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