The Changing Role Of Women After Ww2 Essay

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Describe the changing role of women in American society after World War II.
Before World War II, the traditional role of the women in American of mainstream culture has been the wife and mother of the family. However, the role of women in American society after World War II has changed greatly.
1: The changing role from home to new jobs After the outbreak of World War II, a large number of male labor force in the United States the war are fighting on the front line, and then the labors of the first line were decreasing. Most women went out of their homes and put themselves into the production force. At the end of World War II, more and more men were enlisted labor; labor jobs for American women began to change. This is the background of the changing role the role of women has changed, they are no longer just engaged in traditional women 's work, but also began to
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In addition, due to the needs of medical teams and medical facilities in wartime, a large number of women also made great contribution for the war. Women in the United States were no longer played a role as the core of the traditional housewives. On the contrary, they become useful and skilled and effective workers and went into the new works. They were greatly satisfied the inner sense of achievement. Obviously they are no longer just play the role of a good wife and a mild mother who were depend on their husbands. They chose to joint maintain families military with diligence and wisdom, providing medical and took patient care for the wounded, and they even transported military supplies and so on. After World War II, many American women were unwilling to give up their work to return to the passive

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