The Character Abigail Williams In The Crucible By Arthur Miller

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Kelseyleigh Reber is not off on the wrong track about the world when she says, “The worst prisons were not constructed of warped steel and stone. They were carved out of expectations and lies, judgment and corruption.” Freedom exist on a complicated scale where people are be free, or they are imprisoned by the surrounding society. However, sometimes, people can be both mentally and physically free and imprisoned. Throughout The Crucible, Arthur Miller epitomizes the reality that every human being can be imprisoned yet free.
The character Abigail Williams is one of the first characters to show the condition where she is both captive and free from the society and mind. Abigail struggles with the reality of being a young girl in the society and
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In the beginning of the play, John is overrun by his guilt that imprisons his mind, yet his society offers him a source of freedom and trust as he is well respected. Then, as the play progresses and the trials become more serious, he finds himself gaining freedom, yet losing freedom. He is losing his mental and emotional freedom where the society around him deprive him of it. Not only does the court condemn many people he thinks are good people, people that he truly cares about; but he also loses hope as explained before. He also loses his physical freedom by being jailed for witchcraft. At the end, John declares the words, “I am John Proctor! You will not use me!”(Miller IV. PAGE NUMBER). John is condemned to hanging where he is forever physically enslaved by means of death. Although, he does lose his life, he gained an infinite amount of freedom to his mind. He knows that his name will be a reputable name for his children and descendants. His mind and spirit is free from the insanity, stress, and hysteria. Yet, most importantly, his mental freedom came through knowing that he saved countless other people by standing up against the brutality of the

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