The Character Analysis Of Bertha By Lee Maracle

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When you evolve your life around unfortunate events, you are much more vulnerable to isolation, which may contradict with new opportunities. For example, when you foresee possibilities that could happen, it scares us out of what actually will happen. Shortening our leash of empowerment and confidence, towards that certain subject. Many people feel degraded and hindered by certain people or things once shown a lack of respect, this affects their general point of view on things. The story Bertha is said using an omniscient narrator. In the short story “Bertha” by Lee Maracle, Maracle develops the idea that people rarely change their beliefs and values unless influenced by the impact of a significant experience. In the short story, Bertha, Bertha is presented as a very individualistic character. She is shown to be the protagonist of the story. Her character development would describe her as quite round and complex, as she changes throughout the story. When we first hear of Bertha we see that she is very scattered, and troubled. “Bertha summoned all her strength, repeatedly trying to trying to correctly determine the distance between her feet to prevent falling. To late. She fell again” Bertha always believed that everyone has good in them. But once shown darkness she shuts herself off to it. One thing about Bertha is that she lets things get to her quite easily, which affects how she acts upon a situation. Although Bertha was raised to be a mother, and had a happy

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