The Character Analysis Of Eveline By James Joyce

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It was the early twentieth century in Dublin and 19-year-old Eveline had two major life decisions to choose from. Either stay at home with her father, who she feels threatened with after her mother died or run away with her lover Frank to Buenos Aires and be happy. Which one would you choose if you were Eveline? There is three very important parts of the story that involves plot, character, and point of view. James Joyce was an Irish writer who had never left the city. He began his college education in Belvedere College, Dublin. James taught himself another language, so he could be able to read the plays of Henrik Ibsen. Joyce moved to Paris after receiving his bachelor’s degree, but, shortly returned to Dublin because his mother was diagnosed with a fatal illness. He stayed in Ireland for a short and sweet time and departed to Switzerland. (Literature to Go). “Eveline” was the second short story written by James Joyce in 1904. Looking back at this story, the plot was unpredictable. I was convinced that Eveline would leave her house the first opportunity she had, but I was wrong. “Even now, though, she was over nineteen, she sometimes felt herself in danger of her father’s violence.” (310) What I quoted describes how frightened Eveline was of her father and why she wanted to leave her house. Nor does she feel protected by anyone in the house, her brother Ernest, was dead and her other brother Harry was always away, working. Eveline wanted to be treated like respect, not

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