The Character Analysis Of Sister Aloysius

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In the film, Sister Aloysius persists as an interesting, multidimensional character because of her strict rules with students, her suspicion and guard with Father Flynn, and her loving and caring relationships with her fellow sisters. Because of her multifaceted nature, analyzing Sister Aloysius ' affinity to expressing the virtues of kindness and friendliness further assist in defining her true character. The virtue of kindness can be defined as the action of caring for others, where the excess of caring would be caring too much, and the deficiency of caring would be caring too little; the mean of these vices is the virtue of kindness. Throughout the film, Sister Aloysius does not express the deficit of caring as she is constantly reminding students to uphold their moral character in religion and academics. Whether Sister Aloysius confiscates a radio from a child so that they may pay attention in class, orders quick appointments with students in her office so that they may return to class, or expresses the desire to avenge her students against the actions of Father Flynn, Sister Aloysius always completes her actions, which may appear rather brash, with the intent of caring for her students. Sister Aloysius never abuses her power as a principal to demoralize her students or risk their safety, proving that she does not exhibit the deficit of caring. Comparatively, Sister Aloysius does not allow her students or other members of the St. Nicholas community to exploit her

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