Adolf Hitler Research Paper

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B) Discuss the character and early experience of Adolf Hitler and how they influenced his perception of race and war Adolf Hitler was born in a small town Braunau am Inn, in Austria at the border of Germany in April 20, 1889. His father, Alois Hitler was born in 1837- 1903. He was a successful ambitious official in the Austro- Hungarian customs service. His mother, Klara Polzi, born from 1860-1907, was the third wife. Hitler was the only surviving son of the mother because before he was born, his two brothers and a sister were already dead, so his mother spoiled him and was more closed to his mother. However, he had a younger sister called Paula. In addition, he had a niece, half brother and half sister. His young life was stable and…show more content…
Germany economic situation became so bad and unbearable that they had to use a ransom sums of money in a wheel borrow to buy a loaf of bread. In addition, the treaty of Versailles posed a great financial burden on the German because Germans had to pay a huge sum of money to their opponents. By the end of the war, 10 000’s of German soldiers died of poison gas, which was instituted by US in the war. The poison gas infiltrated armies lungs and blinded most of them including Adolf Hitler. Fortunately for Hitler, he regained his sight and was awarded with blind cross. Many of the German soldiers also had disabilities. Hitler at that time was in the army, and he decided to help Germany by waging a second war against the opponent nations. Hitler an Austrian, took a anti-Semitism platform against the Jews saying that the Germans were “stabbed in the back” by the Jews. He blamed the Jews that they did not fight for them, but it wasn’t true. It became a Nazi theme propaganda. Many of the German Jews fought the battle. The Germans were so humiliated and Hitler joined the He then joined the National Socialist workers party (Nazi party), which was for a group of young men. Germany had to get rid of their emperor. So Germany was looking for a good leader to average France and they basically accepted Hitler.. Hitler later headed the Nazi party. In the trenches during the WW1, Hitler talked about and was critical about everybody how they were not deeply committed to the Germ war. Hitler got injured in 1916 in the war and was treated for 2 months at a hospital min Berlin. Hitler said the trauma of defeat made him convinced that the Jews caused it. The defeat of the German war shocked many Germans. The Communist posed violent revolution throughout Germany. Germany now faced political, economical and social problems in months and years. Mean while the German politicians
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