The Character Of Abul Khaizuran In Men In The Sun

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What makes a character ‘bad’ and criminal? A criminal is a person who is a wrongdoer in which the outcome benefits solely for himself. A ‘bad’ character is a person who is unwelcoming and unpleasant. Knowing this, Abul Khaizuran from ‘Men in the Sun’ by Ghassan Kanafani, does not identify with such characteristics. Keeping in mind that the novella’s setting is taken place a few years after the all-out attack on Palestine and they are going from Basra to Kuwait and during the corrupted society of Palestinians, Abul Khaizuran puts his life on the line to help Abu Qais, Assad and Marwan by smuggling them into Kuwait. Instead of focusing and worrying about himself, he selflessly decided to help them. Throughout the novella, Abul Khaizuran develops positive relationships with Abu Qais, Assad and Marwan and through those relationships, it is evident that Abul Khaizerun is not a bad character nor is he a criminal. Abul Khaizuran in ‘Men in the Sun’ is a good character because he is welcoming, he goes out of his way to help others and he is comfortable to be around with. Abul Khaizuran is portrayed as a good character in ‘Men in the Sun’ by Ghassan Kanafani through his relationship with Abu Qais and Marwan. Abul Khaizuran was welcoming and friendly when interacting with Abu Qais throughout the novella. A suitable reference to this would be on page fifty-one, last paragraph when Abul Khaizuran said, “‘Abu Qais will sleep in the lorry with me. I’ll come and sound my horn in
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