The Character Of Achilles In The Iliad By Homer

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The Iliad by Homer is one of the first and greatest epic poems ever written. It sets it stage during the ninth gruesome year of the lingering Trojan War and highlights the plight of two armies as they battle for a cause now forgotten. Nevertheless, the story of the Iliad is not one of bloodshed, struggle and conflict. It is a depiction of the vulnerability of humans and the effect of emotion on the resolutions of even the most honorable men. One such example of an emotion driven character in the Iliad is Achilles. Ultimately, Achilles does fight for his honour but his definition of honor changes as his emotions change. Achilles begins the epic consumed by bloodlust, wrath and pride and measures honour by the quality of his prizes and how much respect he receives. As Patroclus dies Achilles sees honour in respecting his departed companion and exacting revenge on his killer. His life is interplay of his emotions and he is always in two minds. In the end when Achilles is face with a dilemma his emotions impair his I judgement and often he reaches a resolve based in rage and temperament.…show more content…
His breathtaking arrival on the beaches of Troy induces a spell of utter amazement and bafflement on 100 000 Greek soldiers. Achilles feeds on this reverence like a lion does on his prey and puts on an entertaining show for the Achaean army. At this moment, Achilles sees honour in admiration from others and wishes to be regarded as the strongest warrior ever lived. It is clear he has no intention to help the Greeks win the war on Troy and is only here to become the most honorable man in

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