The Character Of Bisclavret In Marie De France's Lais

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Love is essential and important part of our everyday life. We love for reasons best known to us and we go extra mile to do things for the ones we love. We reveal secrets that we shouldn’t all in the name of love. Bisclavret was no exception in Marie de France’s “Lais”. He revealed his secret to his wife because of love and she betrayed him. Tristan had to face banishment from the king because he was in love with the Queen in “chevrefoil.”
To begin with, most men wouldn’t hide anything from their loving wife and that’s what Bisclavret did. Bisclavret disclosed to his wife how he turns into werewolf and where he hides his clothes. I don’t blame him much because that was his wife. But he should have known better that betrayal comes from the people we love most. He could have told her he can turn into a werewolf, but he shouldn’t have disclosed how he turns into the werewolf and where he keeps his clothes. Bisclavret caused his own problem by disclosing his secret.
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He should have known that the lady in question was someone’s wife and should have stopped her from the decision she took. Because it can happen to him as a man. But he rather helped the woman perform her wicked plan so Bisclavret will remain a werewolf. His intension was to marry her, so he saw nothing wrong with it. Tristan was banished because his uncle, the king was in love with the queen in the chevrefoil. Although his uncle wanted to separate him from the queen, he didn’t give up but fought for his love. That’s the power love has. Tristan did a good thing to get in touch with the queen though he was banished out of the town. I would have done same or better than what he did have the queen.
In conclusion, I have learned to trust nobody or disclose my secret to anyone to avoid putting myself into trouble as Bisclavret. Also, I will go an extra mile and be successful in life as done by Tristan in the
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