The Sound And The Fury Caaddy Character Analysis

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The main characters in The sound and the Fury by William Faulkner are the children of the Compson’s family; Quentin, caddy, Jason, and Benjamin. All these characters are narrators except Caddy although she is the most significant character in the novel. She has a very effective presence in all sections and all the actions are revolved around her. Therefore, her significance in the novel is accomplished by not making her a narrator as everyone. The three narrators show Caddy through their stream of consciousness. They use incomprehensible ideas, fragments, inner monologue and flashback to highlight her central part in the novel. Caddy’s character is presented from childhood to Maturity through her relationships with her siblings.
The childhood of Caddy is shown mostly in Benjamin’s part. She is presented as a rebellious brave, caring and loving sister. Sometimes she takes actions without any consideration for the consequences. She is also shown as a compassionate girl who takes care of her disabled brother Benjamin and calms him down “ Caddy’s patience and caring nature provide him with much needed stability in his life.” (4) She is also represented as a stubborn old sister. She does not listen to her demanding mother although she knew how furious she is. Jason is always discontent with her actions and he constantly threatens
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Her choices and priorities in life are changed because of this growth. In her childhood, she is introduced as kind, rebellious and fearless child. This rebelliousness is continued through her adolescence. She chooses not to follow the southern community standard of a lady and she decides to rake her own road. She does not stop her obsess with relationships even though she knows how much it is unacceptable in the Southern community and that proves her liberal free mind. Towards the end of the novel, Caddy becomes more rational and mature in her
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