The Character Of Equality In Ayn Rand's Anthem

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The infamous founder of all Apple products once said, “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.’ In the restrictive cutthroat world shown in the novella, Anthem, citizens are forced from birth to obey every rule no matter the consequence. However, one individual decided to betray the norm. His name is Equality 7-2521. This character has a motivational drive and mindset like no other in his community without a doubt. He has a passion for doing the unthinkable and unimaginable driven by an unstoppable force and does not obsess over what others thought of him or his actions. Society today could use more people similar to Equality, but it would have its strengths and weaknesses. Some benefits include more leaders, confident actions,…show more content…
He helped humanity in his time and altered the way things worked out. The rules did not apply the same way anymore. It is smart of him to believe to put others first before himself. In class, a speech was displayed on the board from about altruism and the positives and negatives of it. Showing the true meaning of what an altruist is. Ayn Rand’s character, Equality, acts and feels exactly how these people feel. An altruist is a person who is unselfishly concerned for or devoted for the welfare of others. This is how Equality acted in the beginning of the book but towards the end, he turned into more of an egoist. An egoist is the complete opposite of an altruist. An egoist is a self-centered or selfish person. At the end of the novella, Equality was brasher and started using the word “I” in his monologues about how everything was going to change because of the amazing thing that he discovered and did all by himself. That was wrong of Equality to do because his friends helped him along the way in his journey and did not quit on him even though they could have been killed. His friends really helped and Equality was not as sincere and grateful for them as they were for him. There was definitely a huge shift in his character traits in the last two chapters of the
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