The Character Of John Proctor In The Salem Witch Trials

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Throughout the Salem Witch Trials John Proctor never accepts the lies of the people, he sees through the fear and tries to convince the people that they are making an error. Proctor maintains a rock-solid belief during the entire story, and his beliefs do not change, however his attitude toward the people in Salem does change as the trials grow in size. It’s the fact that Proctors perpendicular beliefs leading to his death that make him a tragic hero and a martyr, since his final refusal to accept the lies send him to the rope. Proctors changes throughout the story also cause the people of the village to look down on him after outbursts of rage. It is Proctor’s beliefs and qualities that stop him from going along with the trials. Throughout the story there are events that show Proctors qualities, the first of these is when Mary comes home from the trials(page ). Proctor is shocked that people are being hanged because of the lies, he never believes the charges that so many were faced with . The second event is when Hale comes to his house, the Proctors tell him that they do not believe that there are witches in Salem and that the charges of witchcraft on them are false. The third event is when procter comes to the court with evidence from Mary stating that the girls…show more content…
The first of these stages is when Proctor tries to stay on the laws side when Hale comes to his house. At this point Proctor does not want trouble so he does not try to get involved with any of the lies. Proctor changes course halfway through the story when his wife is charged with witchcraft be he believes Abigail is trying to kill her off. It is at this point where Proctor starts fighting the law of the town in order to save his own. By the end of the story Proctor has waged a war against the main powers of the town. He does not concern himself with what he people will think, instead he shouts out loud and declares his
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