The Character Of Keith Haring

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The process of reputation is one of the difficult issues which needs some conditions to be achieved. Many people achieved reputation around the world but due to some events or some incidents which provided them with such reputation. Reputation may be achieved based on efforts exerted where such efforts represent value to people. The major characters which may get reputation may include the movements, artist, painters, activists, as well as leaders. The reputation may be attributed to someone while it cannot be attributed to the other. To create reputation, this needs efforts. Through this essay, many issues are to be tackled including the character of Keith Haring and how to be reputed figure, historical interpretation affecting reputation formation, historical evidence on the constitution of Keith Haring reputation, and also the social values affecting constitution of this reputation of the figure and the social values leading to his reputation. One of the most reputed characters is Keith Haring as he was an artist and activist. Keith Haring was a great man and he made many changes in the world. There are many great social roles played by Keith Haring that made from him a reputed man. Keith Haring was born on 4th May, 1958 in Pennsylvania. His mother Joanne Haring and his father Allen Haring brought him up. His father was an engineer and amateur cartoonist. The efforts of reputation began since the childhood of Joanne Haring as he began to be interested in art at his
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