The Character Of Lennie In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck. Lennie and George have to move to a new town and start work in a new place, after being run out of town. Lennie is kind, innocent, and childlike making Steinbeck successful in making him a sympathetic character. Lennie’s number 1 character trait is kindness. Lennie is genuinely kind, with a good heart. He is innocent and carefree making him a lovable and kind character. When getting into a fight with Curley he cries out for help instead of fighting back, getting beaten up in the process. When he is told to fight and hurts Curley he gains everyone’s sympathy by saying he didn’t want to and saying sorry. Steinbeck does an amazing job with his description keeping the reader’s sympathy. Even after crushing all the bones in Curley’s hand, it is Lennie who gains the sympathy of the reader. Lennie says “‘I didn’t wanta,’ Lennie cried. ‘I…show more content…
Lennie’s kindness affects how people within story treat him. He gains the company of George who looks after him and it makes the ending all the harder to accept. This is because of his kind heart and how he doesn’t mean to do the bad things he does do. The second character trait Lennie possesses is innocence. One way Lennie is described as is innocent. His one goal is tending the rabbits at a farm one day. He likes to pet soft things and sometimes does bad things but doesn’t realize they are wrong. The reason that Lennie and George had to leave their old job and town was that Lennie saw a girl’s red dress.
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