The Character Of Milkman In The Song Of Solomon

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In the book “The Song of Solomon” the main character is nicknamed Milkman. His real name is Macon, he was named after his grandfather and father. Milkman got his nickname because his mother, Ruth, breastfed him well past an appropriate age. When Freddie walked in on Ruth breastfeeding Milkman at this age he called him Milkman and spread the news of what he saw all over town, everyone in town eventually started calling him Milkman as well. Milkman’s name has shaped him to be a very compliant guy. He got his name by being compliant to his mother and just doing what she told him to. Throughout the story Milkman is in the middle of all the problems, being pulled about and just going with the flow of things. Milkman never tries to cause or solve
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