The Character Of Perseus In Homer's Odyssey

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Perseus was considered a hero in Ancient Greece mainly because of his ability to trust others and because of his compassion; two traits 2016 appreciates as well. One example of him being compassionate is when he was willing to turn Atlas to stone. Atlas was a Titan who had lost a battle to Zeus and as a consequence was sentenced to stand at the western edge of the Earth and painfully hold up the sky. During Perseus’ return from his adventure, he saw Atlas and decided to turn him into stone as an act of mercy. This action shows compassion as it prevented Atlas from having to endure many more painful years of holding up the sky. Additionally, his compassionate side is shown when he helps his mother deal with Polydectes. Polydectes was the ruler of the island Perseus grew up on, where, once Perseus had grown up, his mother was forced to marry the ruler. Instead of ignoring his mother’s anger of being forced into marriage, Perseus came back…show more content…
In connection, his trust in others is also demonstrated in this situation as he is forced to choose a replacement for the king he killed. With little thought, Perseus chose to crown Dictys as the new ruler. Dictys was, in a sense, Perseus's second father during his childhood. He nourished him, protected him, and helped him learn how to make a living by fishing. The reason this decision shows his trust in others is because Perseus could have easily taken the position for himself, but instead chose to trust somebody else who was close to him with the job.
Like the Greeks, in 2016 we also appreciate Perseus’ trust in others and his compassion. 2016 appreciates these traits because
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