The Character Of Telemakhos In Homer's Odyssey

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In Homer’s epic poem, The Odyssey, the character Telemakhos struggles to become a man. Telemakhos lacks confidence in himself and is irritable. Though he has negative qualities that can hold him back from maturing, he also has many good qualities that will help him become a man. At first Telemakhos is too afraid to confront his mother's suitors and starts off insecure about his potential. He believes there is nothing he can do to kick the suitors out: “What if his father came from the unknown world and drove these men like dead leaves through the place, recovering honor and lordship in his own domains?” (I.142). In other words Telemakhos wants his father to come back to Ithika and get rid of the suitors. This illustrates that Telemakhos believes
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