Peter Pan Ghost Stories

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One of the most intriguing and interesting questions in literature history is: who was Peter Pan? There are many theories, but today a new one will be presented in hope of giving a new light on the subject. “Well, who was he really?”, one may ask. Well, during this play Peter Pan and all of Neverland is portrayed in a obfuscate light. A theory about Peter is that he is a ghost, and this is supported by the fact that he hates physical contact, some people find it hard to see him, and he always forgets what he’s done. All are characteristics of ghosts. Even if one is a human, if they isolate themselves from physical contact they might as well be a ghost, because physical contact is one of the things that keeps us in reality. In addition, first example is shown by the following quote, “‘She leaps out of bed to put her arms round him, but he draws back; he does not know why, but he knows he must draw back.’ ‘You mustn 't touch me.’ ‘Why’ ‘I don’t know’ (He is never touched by anyone in the entire play.)’”(Barrie 14) According to many ghost stories, ghosts can’t be touched. One would guess that if Peter was a ghost he would like to keep it a secret. Even if he does not recall why, one can assume he would have a primal instinct to keep himself safe. Also, this shows him to be a…show more content…
During this play, Peter is shown to be a young and restless boy who has isolated himself and sunken into the category of ghost. Belief is a powerful thing and is shown in this story by Peters primordial need to protect himself from physical contact and throughout Peter blames his forgetfulness on his amount adventures, but why are they never mentioned? Well, it is because he never has any and is ghost-like boy, and ghosts often forget. The proof that he is a ghost is that he readily avoids physical contact, some find it hard to see him, and he often forgets. All three of these are characteristics of ghosts, and all three apply to
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