Van Helsing Character Analysis

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I believe Van Helsing is one of the most interesting characters in the whole book of Dracula. At a glance I think of Van Helsing as a very intelligent, down to earth, and caring man. The thing is with him is there is something about this man that separates him from all the other characters. If you read a summary of the story, I feel like you really would not even touch what his true self is like. Van Helsing is an essential part of the book, and without him the story would not be the same. I find Van Helsing to be a very complex character because of his knowledge, determination, and personality. One of the main things that makes Van Helsing such a difference maker in Dracula is his knowledge. If it was not for Van Helsing the story…show more content…
He might be so likeable because he has some great qualities in his personality. The first great part of his personality is his selflessness. As mentioned in the paragraph above, Van Helsing’s motivation to kill Dracula is not for himself but others. He might have a family and a job back home, but he spends countless weeks searching for Dracula for the good of others. Another good example of a trait Van Helsing has is he is very empathetic about others. You can tell in the way he talks to people. When Lucy was very ill he would express how he feels her pain, and how he hopes she does well. This trait could be the motivation for Mr. Helsing. Maybe he is so empathetic he actually feels the pain for Arthur Holmwood from the loss of Lucy, and that fuels him to take down Dracula. With the examples given, Van Helsing could actually symbolize a superhero with all he does. He scarifies a lot for the good of others, and in the end of the story he takes down the bad guy. Although he did not physically kill Dracula, he helped lead the group to finding him. He has no reason to help others but he does it anyway. This says a lot about his personality and how good of a man he
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