The Characteristics Of A Good Teacher

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Students do not remember their favorite elementary school teachers because of the amount of knowledge they gain in a year or the fun crafts that are done in class. They remember “good teachers” by the characteristics that the teacher possesses in order to shape them into successful and creative young minds. These are the teachers that build a base for all education but also teach responsibility, work ethic, and perseverance-- all necessary components of a successful student. Elementary school teachers, behind parents, are the first line of influence that children have to interact with on a daily basis, therefore the impact of the teacher can drastically change the outcome of the student. Building relationships, setting expectations, motivating interest, and encouraging learning forces the student to develop a positive outlook on education. The effect that good teachers have on children at a young age can influence the academic success or failure of the student later on. A good teacher is explained as being an inspiration to their students while also building trusting relationships and instilling morals and values into these young children. It is assumed that elementary school teachers have little to no effect on how their students will succeed in high school and college. While parents are at work, students are left with their teachers to learn basic human skills and knowledge required for life. While the students are learning curriculum book knowledge and other life
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