The Characteristics Of A Self-Directed And Life-Long Learning

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A self-directed, intrinsically motivated and active learner possesses many desirable characteristics. These components significantly maximize the capacities of a learner and encourage life-long learning. A self-directed learner is capable of working independently, attentive and determined, responsible, mature, self-disciplined, highly curious, and has a strong desire to adjust or learn. At the same time, he or she is confident with himself or herself, capable of using Basic Study Skills, has excellent time management skills and can set a manageable learning pace. Also, the learner is serious in planning, goal-oriented and enjoys the learning process (Cobb, J., 2013). An intrinsically motivated learner participates in activities for the intrinsic satisfactions and enjoyment instead of other separable external rewards or pressures. The imaginativeness and high-quality learning result from the incorporation of skills across personal and work development inspired by internal motivation. Furthermore, the satisfaction of the learner’s self-determined behavior continuously sustains the high degree of autonomy in an intrinsically motivated learner (Ryan, R. M., & Deci, E. L., 2000). An active learner first defines specific contents and establishes his or her objectives. Comparatively, the learner gathers information through research and further readings, then actively builds a sound basis of activities that involve speaking, saying and doing. As a result, the planned activities

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