The Characteristics Of A Serial Killer

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How do you make a dead baby float? One cup of root beer and two scoops of dead baby. Although death can be disturbing and isn’t something that is normally joked about, there are people out there who enjoy killing others, usually in messed up ways. Many times, these people are serial killers. The FBI defines a serial killer as “someone who kills two or more victims in separate events.” Serial killers are complicated people, and there are many characteristics, motives, and examples of serial killers throughout America’s history. Although all serial killers are unique in their own way, they typically share similar characteristics. Many people tend to think of serial killers as someone who avoids people and is awkward or strange. The truth is,…show more content…
They see their victims as undesirable so they get rid of them by killing them. Their targets could be of a certain race, religion, or sexuality. They see themselves as a hero because they think they are making the world a better place. These killers want to seek revenge for an event that happened to them earlier in their life. An example of this type of serial killer, is Joseph Franklin. He went around trying to cleanse the world of African Americans and Jews. He killed twelve black men who all had white girlfriends until he was caught. There have been many notorious serial killers throughout US history. One of the most well-known, is Jeffrey Dahmer. Jeffrey Dahmer was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1960. He was considered to be a normal, energetic boy until he had surgery when he was four. After the surgery his personality was different. He was often depressed and didn’t have many friends throughout his teenage years due to his different personality. His thoughts of murder and necrophilia began when he was around fourteen, but it is believed that these didn’t become actions until after his parents got a divorce…show more content…
The letters also had very specific details that only the killer could know. The Zodiac Killer then threatened that more people would be attacked if the letters weren’t printed on the front page of each of the newspapers. At the bottom of the letter, there was a three-part cipher which he claimed was his identity. Just a few days later, he sent another letter mocking the police for not being able to catch him, or even crack the cipher. A high school teacher soon solved the cipher which said, “I like killing people because it is so much fun.” It didn’t really give his identity like he had previously claimed. Police were still unable to make any progress, even though they had evidence like fingerprints, a description, the cipher, and also many
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