The Characteristics Of A Successful Aging As A Psychosocial Stage Of Life

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Growing old is something to be proud of, because of the richness of the experience. Whether, it is bad or good as long as the person grows old gracefully and being fulfilled in his or her life. Achieving integrity is a continuum and challenging throughout the aging process and this last stage of life remains to be unclear in the literature. The characteristics of a successful aging can be identified as absence of anxiety towards death, can easily adapt in terms of disappointments and triumph during success, satisfaction with life, no regrets in the past (James & Zarrett, 2006), financial security and spirituality (Bowling & Dieppe, 2005). Successful aging can be perceived by an individual in a subjective manner on how he or she will view the positive and negative experiences in the past, which cannot be measured in quantitative data. Aging is a process that every individual will experience, and reflects the overall transformation that can be noticed by a person, whether, it is biological, physiological and psychological changes. Aging is exciting, it discusses about maturity, wisdom and building unshakable, fruitful and successful relationship for a lifetime (National Institute for aging , 2015). In this study, the researcher will focus on the last stage of Eric Erickson psychosocial development on achieving integrity and Maslow hierarchy of human need in achieving self actualization, because it remains one of the least studied among the psychosocial stage and the

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