The Characteristics Of Alfred Arthur's Style Of Life

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Arthur’s life directly relates to many of the aspects Alfred Adler’s theories. The first thing about Arthur’s life that Adler would notice is that his style of life would be considered a getting personality. Ever since Arthur was younger he has always been sure to follow to rules and expectations of others, leading him to be described as a “good boy”. He has always been compliant by followed his parents rules and expectations even when it involves going against his own dreams and passions. Arthur is a first born child, and according to Adler there are a number of characteristics that should describe Arthur. Some of these characteristics that Arthur fits are intellectually mature, organized, insecure, seen as novel by his parents, and he should go through dethronement in the event of another child being born. Arthur goes through all of these descriptions that fits Adler’s theory on Birth Order according to the first born child. Arthur showed his intellectual maturity and organization in a variety of ways. First he was raised in a home where education, discipline, as well as routine were all seen as high priority. This led to him exceeding in school and academics, because his parents had made it a priority in his life. It also led to him being a well behaved child with little to no behavioral problems throughout his life. According to Adler in his theory, parents tend to be stricter and to provide more resources to their first born. This is shown in the way they raised
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