Characteristics Of Ancient Egyptian Civilization

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Ancient Egypt was an advanced civilization because it had indicators of civilization.
The Egyptian government was highly advanced for their time. It was ruled by the pharaoh. The Pharaoh had help from other officials including Viziers, nomarchs, and other officials. In court, the judge ruled the court as the Pharough watched them. In court, Everyone except slaves is treated equally. If someone is punished then their whole family is punished with them as well. If the judge and a pharaoh decide on individual death then the male and female children split the property, that the person who is being put to death owned. High treason among the higher social classes is severely dealt with. The people of Egypt had to pay taxes to help their government.
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Ancient Egypt had a good economy. Most of the Egyptians were farmers. The land was given to the farmers by officers and state employees. The through of ancient Egypt was the ruler of all of the jobs. There were different people to make stuff for the public and for the pharaoh. The craftsmen in ancient Egypt were trained most of the time. Most of the craftsmen worked with other craftsmen that were aking the same things.They had different workshops for each type of craftsmen with all the tolls the different type needed. The craftsmen who worked for the pharaoh worked in palace workshops in the palace. That is where the craftsmen who made stuff for the pharaoh and the pharaoh 's pyramid worked. Only the most skilled craftsmen worked in the palace workshop. The craftsmen who worked in the palace did not usually work for the…show more content…
Ancient Egypt was a supply state. Merchants traded with other countries for goods. Then they sold the goods in Egypt for more goods than they got it for. Most of Egypt 's trade with other countries was agriculture. After taxes and trading were over the farmers put the surplus crops in storage. The goods that the pharaoh sent merchants to get was given to the temples. Products that merchants who were from Egypt traded gold, wheat, barley, and papyrus sheets to other countries. Most merchants that went to other countries to trade were acting for the crown.Some of the merchants that were not acting for the crown were sent by rich families or
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