The Characteristics Of Ancient Egypt As An Advanced Civilization

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Ancient Egypt was an advanced civilization because it had indicators of civilization.
The Egyptian government was highly advanced for their time. It was ruled by the pharaoh. The Pharaoh had help from other officials including Viziers, nomarchs, and other officials. In court, the judge ruled the court as the Pharough watched them. In court, Everyone except slaves is treated equally. If someone is punished then their whole family is punished with them as well. If the judge and a pharaoh decide on individual death then the male and female children split the property, that the person who is being put to death owned. High treason among the higher social classes is severely dealt with. The people of Egypt had to pay taxes to help their government.
The Ancient Egyptian religion was very advanced. They based their religion on gods and goddesses and the supernatural powers they had. They thought that the pharaoh was both a man and a god. In their religion, they thought the world was flat and made of clay. They believed that the forces of nature were children of the creator god. They believed some gods and goddesses were more powerful than others. All of the gods and goddesses had their own temple. They thought that the god or goddess lived in their own temple. The large temples were made of stone.At the gods or goddesses temple priests or the pharaoh worshiped there and helped the god or goddess They had carvings of priests worshipping or the Pharaoh fighting in battle. Some

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