The Characteristics Of Ancient Greek Warriors

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Ancient Greek warriors were great fighters because they had excellent weapons, technology, and training. Guiding Question
What made
Greek warriors such great fighters? Ancient Greek Training
● A boy went to a training camp at the

age of 7 to become a hoplite.
● Once at camp the boys were given

small, child-sized helmets and shields. The reason for this was so they got used to the weight of them.

● The young boys would be trained in different battle tactics such as the phalanx. Ancient Greek Training Continued
● While training a boy would use

wooden spears and shields. It was very important that a teacher watched the trainees carefully so he could fix any weaknesses.

● To become a hoplite men around the age of 20 had to become part of a dining club where they learned to rely on and trust each other.

How Did The Ancient Greek Training
Regiment Have An Effect On How
Skilled They Were At Fighting?

As my slides before this proved, Greek training was very rough. I think that the training prepared the men for the hardships of war. When the men were needed they used their years of practice to prove their skills as a fighter and destroyed the army they faced. The Phalanx
The ancient Greeks perfected a battle tactic that crushed its enemy. This tactic is called the phalanx. During the attack the soldiers would lock shields and raise their long spears above the shields and skewer their
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