Andrew Jackson's 'National War Hero'

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“Our Federal Union: It must be preserved.”- Andrew Jackson (Democratic Jefferson Day Dinner, April 13th, 1830). This quote provides evidence for how much the American union meant to Andrew Jackson. I will be providing further evidence of his love for America by evaluating Jackson’s military experience, economic success, success in foreign affairs, and his leadership skills as a representative of the American people. In order for a president to have the most possible success in executing his powers as Commander in Chief, that president must first understand how the military operates. The best way to understand this operation is by experiencing a position in the military firsthand. Andrew Jackson had this very experience as he served as a major general in the war of 1812. “Old Hickory’s” ability as a leader brought him to lead his troops into victory against the British in New Orleans in 1815. This win would eventually give Jackson the title of “National War Hero”. Jackson’s great skill as…show more content…
Jackson believed that the bank was an unjust way for the federal government to have complete control over the American money supply. Because of his conservative opinions, which made him want to limit the power of the federal government, Jackson did not agree with the government having this amount of power, causing him to join several groups made up of bank critics that shared his same opinions. In his attempt to sustain the National Bank system, Jackson vetoed many bills that were created in order to give the government more power of the people’s money. His vetoes pleased many Americans as America was largely made up of conservative people in this era. Jackson knew that if he could “kill” the National Bank, it would leave the power of banking in the hands of the state governments, effectively increasing the amount of influence the people of each state had on their
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