The Characteristics Of Aristotle's Virtue In Society

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Virtue is a quality, an action that enables each individual to do things well and correctly. It is considered the most appropriate action of each human being’s nature. It is about being the right kind of person and knowing what to do and how to act. Aristotle defines virtue as an excellence of human beings. However, there are some special virtues that are essential and play a very important part in society, specifically, political virtues. You need to be good at governing and politics, because politics becomes the purpose of society. In the following essay, I will provide arguments and information about the reasons to believe that, in order to achieve the most significant virtue, one must take part in political life, regarding to Aristotle…show more content…
Men have the desire to live together in a common interest, so the state is formed towards equality between citizens. Nevertheless, male and female relationships are inevitable and necessary because it is a natural activity. That is why human beings need to be together in a common interest in order to progress, because they are unable to live by their own. As Aristotle values politics as the most significant virtue, he reflects that a citizen can only be a member of the state if he takes part in the political life of the city. Therefore, not everybody is allowed to be considered as citizens; slaves and foreign people are not citizens. In fact, only people who don’t work can be considered citizens. The main objective is to become decent and perfect citizens; thus, they must seek for an honorable life. To be the best human being, you have to be active in political life. However, despite being a proper citizen is related to being a desirable person, every citizen is not always a good person. What’s more, citizens are identical, i.e., the ones who have the power and are in control are equal to the ones who are being ruled, no one is superior nor inferior, and there is a political authority that is used to satisfy these common…show more content…
This means that we, as human beings, are endowed by nature with the capacity of communicating our emotions and feelings, and is the reason why we are social by nature, and our purpose can only be reached by living in the polis. In other words, humans have the capacity of debating about politics. In addition, political activity is the fullest expression of nature; you become a valuable member of society when you start participating in politics. Some people just have the natural capacity to talk about politics, the same as others are naturally qualified to be slaves; for Aristotle, slavery is necessary and natural. Necessary because while citizens are doing politics, someone has to take care of things, and natural because some people are born to be slaves, and it is what they do best. Aristotle states that politics create virtuous people but only as a result of training: ‘Moral virtue is the primary purpose of law, to cultivate the habits that lead to good character.’ This means that only path in order to become virtuous is to acquire habit by practice and the polis laws are created to educate people through good actions and

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