The Characteristics Of Beowulf As An Epic Hero

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A hero is a person who is admired for great or brave acts or fine qualities. Unlike a super hero, Beowulf was not granted with special powers to shoot webs or have a fair amount of wealth; however, he does have characteristics that make him fall under the category hero. The character Beowulf is the epitome of the native English hero. Beowulf has the characteristics of bravery, strength, and loyalty. These characteristics make Beowulf a hero.
Beowulf’s traits help make Beowulf the epic hero of this myth. Beowulf’s bravery helps him defeat the mystical creatures. When Beowulf fights Grendel’s mother, it seems like all hope is lost before he kills her with the magical sword. Even though the odds were not in his favor, he never gave up. He found a way to win the battle. In a previous adventure, Beowulf has “monsters that [crowd] around [him]”;
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Even though he’s out numbered, he takes his chances by being courageous to defeat these sea monsters (559). Another trait is Beowulf’s strength that helps him become a hero. Beowulf has “hands that [move] with thirty men’s strength” (380). Like a superhero, strength is also important for a native hero. Beowulf battles monsters like Grendel who triumph his size and devour men who nobly fought in battle. The odds seem unlikely for a regular man; however, Beowulf is not like most men. Another trait of Beowulf includes his loyalty to his friends and family. Beowulf leaves his country to travel to an unknown land to defeat a monster who could kill him. He has the loyalty to this country which he has not even stepped foot on it. A couple of years after Grendel’s death, he becomes friends with the Danish king. Once Grendel’s mother
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