The Characteristics Of Black Comedy And Black Humor

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BLACK HUMOR: MARTIN AMIS AND JOHN BARTH Introduction In modern-day drama, black comedy is often used to explain a kind of drama wherein stressful or sinister subjects like demise, ailment, or battle are dealt with with sour amusements generally in a way calculated to offend and inventory. Those performs do now not totally subscribe to the spirit of comedy, nor do they embody the tragic emotions. Of course, in components, they may be joyful however they factor to a few darker components of lifestyles as nicely. Those plays are also known as tragic comedies. Black humor frequently uses farce and low comedy to suggest that individuals are helpless victims of destiny and individual. It is a form of writing which contrasts the darkish and terrible factors with comical ones that point to the uselessness and futility of existence. The massive question remains that why did black humor as a characteristic of writing in literature changed into getting used, moreover what was it pointing at. This answer may be understood if I throw light at the movement in literature within the 20th century which is known as post-modernism. post-modernism emerged as motion in literature and also other artwork paperwork as a response to the give up of the sector world II. Black humor became one of the primary traits of post-modern literature. For lots publish-cutting-edge authors irony and humor became the hallmarks of their fashion. Those authors frequently treated very serious
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