Internal Validity Analysis

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Merriam-Webster dictionary defines beauty as the quality or aggregate of qualities in a person or thing that gives pleasure to the senses or pleasurably exalts the mind or spirt. (Webster, 2018) Merriam-Webster defines attractive as arousing interest or pleasure, charming, appealing. Merriam-Webster defines ugly as offensive to the sight, unattractive the opposite of attractive. Two applicants apply for a position as a customer service specialist for a fortune 500 company; both applicants are equally qualified and have great references. Applicant one has the following attributes, 5” 5, 120, blonde hair, blue eyes attractive easy on the eyes. The second applicant has the following attributes, 5”7, 190, afro, brown eyes overweight
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Internal validity is about the results within, and is internal to a study. (Cozby, 2001) Internal validity is the strength of assigning causes to outcome, i.e. what is the cause of a hiring manager hiring one person over another person. For this study, it will be difficult to measure this reason being is it would be difficult assign the causes to the effects unambiguously. For this to happen a random sample would need to be conducted and due to time this would prove to have a disadvantage. However, if a questionnaire would be used to measure the responses it could work. Questionnaires measure the real-world state or events that they are intended to measure. External validity is applying your research or study conclusion outside. An example of what external validity is not would be a poll taken at a football game this would not be representative of the general population. For this research three businesses will be chosen and questionaries’ will be provided to hiring managers. The research will also be conducted on a group of random participates during the initial hiring process to determine if it is a reason they were not advanced or hired. Lastly construct validity is a concept; it is clearly specified research questions that should lead to a definition of study aim and objectives that set out the construct and how it will be measured.
Overview of Threats to the Validity
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Perhaps people 's self-confidence manifests itself in their behavior, so that their looks are rated more highly, and their self-esteem makes them more desirable and higher-paid employees," he writes. "Another possibility is that beauty and the attractiveness of one 's personality are positively related, and that it is the general sparkle of one 's personality, not one 's beauty, that increases earnings." Researchers at Rice University and the University of Houston also conducted a study on beauty 's effect on success. They limited their study to how facial appearance affects excellence in a job interview. The study found that people with facial blemishes and "disfigurements"—birthmarks, scars, blemishes—were more likely to be rated poorly by their interviewers. The interviewers tended to recall less information about these candidates ', which negatively impacted their evaluations. Even with the bias against the less fortunate-looking, Hamermesh says there are still ways to succeed despite one 's looks. "First, don 't go into an occupation where looks matter a lot," he says in an interview with the Wall Street Journal. "Don 't be a TV broadcaster; be a radio broadcaster. Don 't be a movie actor. Most important, go into fields that you enjoy, and that you have an advantage in doing. Accentuate your strengths, and try to avoid those things where you are relatively disadvantaged."
In conclusion, it can be said that attractive people

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