The Characteristics Of Globalization And English Hegemony

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Globalization and English Hegemony When we focuses on the specific distinguishing features of contemporary globalization and hegemonies which makes a very new development in human history. Among the most important such specific features are the changes in the structure of international relations and of hegemonies.What’s more, it is also crucial to know the importance of other factors, including the continuous impingements of the different peripheries on multiple hegemonic centers, the transformation of some basic characteristics of nation, revolutionary states and the close relations of these processes to new civilizational perspectives and inter-civilizational relations. (Eisenstadt, 2009)And when it comes to English hegemony, it is happening all the time and has a great…show more content…
Not just people who live in English-speaking countries will be influenced by English hegemony, but also those people who don’t speak English. Obviously, the use and popularity of English are getting higher and higher and more and more countries choose to regard English as one of the official languages of the country. Moreover, there are many countries and regions making the education of English become the main focus of the whole national education in today’s English hegemonic global society. With the development of globalization, many people hold a strong point of that if they want to integrate into the international environment and survive in today’s English hegemonic global society, English is the most basic and vital language that they must master. Strictly, English will no longer just be a simple language, on the contrary, it have a lot of

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