The Characteristics Of Heroism In Schindler's List

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Steven Spielberg 's “Schindler’s List” is a phenomenal movie that was produced in 1993. The movie won an impressive number of awards for its cinematography and screenplay, but also its plot. The plot was based on the life and effect of Oskar Schindler. Though he had started on the side of the Nazis, Schindler became a hero for the Jews by working to save their lives. Oskar Schindler was one of the most unlikely heroes of WWII. His motivations throughout his pursuit were the defining characteristics of his heroism. The first and foremost reason for the unlikelihood of his support of the jews was his affiliation with the pro-Nazi party. Schindler grew up in Sudetenland, a region that was later taken over by the NSDAP. The Nazi party began imposing its influence of Sudetenland in the 1930’s. According to Contemporary Heroes and Heroines, Sudeten Germans joined the pro-Nazi party out of fear at the time. They wanted to avoid being seen as Communists or Social Democrats (1). The party’s impact on the region continued to grow as Hitler’s passion extended throughout Europe. Adolf Hitler and his loyal followers posed a giant threat to anyone who refused to go along with the prevailing wind. Hitler himself proclaimed “Whoever is with me will be able to live in a great Germany. But whoever is against me will find instant death” (People of the Holocaust 1). His words show just how demanding the new party was. Schindler joined the bandwagon in 1939 for personal as well as commercial

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