The Characteristics Of Housekeeping

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Housekeeping is a term used to define the management of many hospitality and cleanliness needs in both the domestic and commercial field. Housekeeping refers to the maintenance and upkeep of premises such as a house, hotel or a resident facility. Housekeeping involves performing many duties such as cleaning, cooking and laundry.
A hospitality environment is usually judged by its appearance; imagine checking into a hotel and discovering that the surfaces are dirty and the linen is stained. Bad housekeeping can be a total put off for customers and the chances of recurring business diminish significantly. This is the prime reason that owners at a facility or a hotel pay special attention to housekeeping activities; and a housekeeping staff is hired to keep the premises neat and clean.
Working mostly in a commercial and domestic environments, housekeepers, housekeeping managers and housekeeping supervisors perform many challenging duties on a typical work day. Housekeepers perform a lot of physical work such as dusting, mopping, cleaning and doing laundry. The work of housekeeping managers and supervisors may not be physical but they also have their plate full as they are responsible for ensuring that all housekeeping duties are performed in a timely and efficient manner.
Housekeeping Job Description and Duties
• Clean rooms, lounges, lobbies, bathrooms and hallways
• Vacuum and wash carpets and rugs
• Empty wastepaper baskets and ashtrays
• Transport trash to waste disposal

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