The Characteristics Of Human And Monsters In Beowulf

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It is evident that in Beowulf, Beowulf himself has both the characteristics of human and monsters. Beowulf is not the only character who struggles with showing both human and monster characteristics. Beowulf is shown as a hero but has dragon like monstrous features that shows through the text, "And keeper of his people counted on Beowulf, On the warrior’s steadfastness and his word. Where as, Grendel is a monster that struggles with understanding the human identity. "Grendel set out for the lofty house, to see how the Ring-Danes were settling into it after their drink, and there he came upon them, a company of the best asleep from their feasting, insensible to pain and human sorrow." It is evident that Grendel connects with both monstrous and
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