The Characteristics Of Jacques De Vitry: Mary Of Oignies

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Mary of Oignies highly devoted herself to Christ and this, occasionally, was not well received by others. Jacques de Vitry writes such details of Mary’s devotion and encounters to show that she devoted as much time and energy as a male could. She was not always taken so seriously due to the fact that she was a woman. Jacques was in the mindset that actions, such as the ones performed by Mary, were more amazing and that they should not be overlooked. Jacques de Vitry believed that Mary of Oignies actions and devotions were a more amazing feat than that of a man, because of the extreme asceticism she performed even as a woman, and her feminine qualities overall. Mary leaned towards being more emotional than the average devotee. In numerous instances, Jacques writes that she was overcome with tears (370-371). He expressed that she was going to give herself as a sacrifice on Holy Thursday but left because she could not control her tears like the priest had asked her to (370). Although, she prays to God to have the priest be overcome with tears like she is and the priests take her more seriously. Mary also cried enough for Jacques to question if she was in pain or discomfort. Jacques includes this information to prove just how much she was crying, and to also show that she was not always taken seriously due to how much she cried. Furthermore, Mary of Oignies’ feminine qualities were also mentioned by Jacques. He states that “she held Him close to her so that He nestled between
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