The Characteristics Of Jay Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Nick watches as Gatsby stretches out his arm toward the green light across the bay, as if he is reaching for something that is just out of his grasp. In The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald the title character Jay Gatsby possesses certain qualities that many others do not. These qualities do live up to -but inevitably lead to his death. In the story, Daisy and Tom Buchanan, as well as their friend, Jordan Baker, are all restless, and want to do something, but never do they act for a purpose, nor do they have justifications for such actions. Gatsby differs from these characters because he has a purpose that justifies every little thing that he does. These qualities that Gatsby possesses, his ambition, dedication, and optimism, set him apart from everyone else. Ever since Gatsby was a young teenager, he had an ambition: to be the best version of himself possible. In order to become successful, Gatsby decides to continue on with his education beyond high school. Unfortunately, he drops out of college because he feels like he isn’t going along the right path to succeed. F. Scott Fitzgerald says Gatsby “stayed [at the college in Minnesota for] two weeks, dismayed at its ferocious indifference to the drums of his destiny, to destiny itself, and despising the janitor’s work with which he was to pay his way through”(x). Gatsby is disappointed at where college was leading him, so he simply quits and searches for an occupation that will fulfill his dreams, and fortunately
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