The Characteristics Of Martin Luther King Jr.

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Heroes in modern society are generally not hard to come by. Any individual doing any sort of task can be considered a “hero” from the viewpoint of certain people. Parents, Teachers, and older siblings can be examples of a hero. However, being a such a figure constitutes of more than just the social opinions of other people or peers. Heroic individuals display a special set of traits that separate them from ordinary people. For example, Martin Luther King Jr. who was a civil rights activist during the 1960’s showed immense bravery in everyday life, and in situations that could possibly danger him. Dr. King also fought intensively for what he believed was morally correct, and made crucial sacrifices for the benefit of others. The actions and behaviors Martin Luther King Jr. displayed being a civil rights activists and a hero helped him become the influential individual the majority of the public in the U.S adored during the 1960’s. Such traits are a prime example of what constitutes a modern-day “hero”; bravery, determination, and sacrifice. Martin Luther King Jr. showed bravery in his actions when he and other civil rights activists called for an end to segregation and laws establishing racial equality. King led several non-violent protests and also helped organize the Montgomery Bus Boycott. One example is when Dr. King delivered his “I Have a Dream” speech at the March on Washington in 1963 in front of approximately 25,000 people. An immense amount of confidence and
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