Why Do People Use Mass Media In Saudi Arabia

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Even though, the Arab countries share many similar characteristics, they differ in some; including the use of mass media and the role it plays in the country. Mass media includes channels such as television, radio, newspapers, Internet and etc. It’s an important mean of communication that facilitates delivering messages to its target audience. It’s a tool used to reach news, entertainment and education. When studying a country, one should study its media because “mass media in any country reflect their particular social, cultural, and political environments” (Rugh, 2004). However, in some countries media doesn’t accurately represent the reality due to restrictions practiced on it directly or indirectly by the government and the law. The kingdom of Saudi Arabia has a long history in media; the first newspaper was published in Mecca in 1908 and by 1962 there were 5 daily newspapers (Rugh, 2004).…show more content…
However, many people criticize the lack of freedom of expression there. “The press in Saudi Arabia receives little protection to practice critical journalism” (Duffy, 2013). Journalists are not allowed to criticize the government or the royal families. Also, there are taboos that they cannot talk about such as religion, they are also expected to “promote Arab interests and preserve Saudi Arabia’s cultural heritage” (Rugh, 2004). So, it’s obvious that media in Saudi Arabia is not such an effective tool for the citizens to get critical information about what’s really going on in the country. However, media is used to so that the citizens may be updated with social news and anything that doesn’t talk badly about the government and its

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