The Characteristics Of Max Weber's Bureaucracy

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Time is the biggest challenge in our live that affect us to develop and success. Business world is one of the things that developed by time. Especially in Management, when the Germen sociologist Max Weber defined the bureaucracy. It became an issue of increasing public expenditures. Since 1960’s, it has become controversial subject among the western economists the debate was mainly on the role of public organizations. The economists have contended that bureaucracy is the main source of increasing public expenditures. This research present a study of the characteristics that make up the bureaucratic model as explained by the German sociologist and political economist Max Weber. The aim of this research is to increase our knowledge and information about bureaucratic in order to see how developed by time. Also, to see how the sociologist Max Weber explain the bureaucratic could affect other sociologist’s thoughts. This study will involve an archival study of books, documents, articles, magazines and webpages. Karl Emil Maximilian Max Weber born on 21 April 1864 and died 14 June 1920, Erfurt, Saxony, Kingdom of Prussia in Germany. Max Weber was a Sociology, Economics, History, Law, Politics and Philosophy. He studied in Universities of Berlin, Freiburg, Heidelberg, Vienna, and Munich. Also, he got his doctoral advisor in Levin Goldschmidt. The German sociologist Max Weber defined many Ideal-typical forms of public administration, government, and

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