The Characteristics Of Nero, The Roman Emperor

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Nero, The Roman Emperor. The Roman Empire is known for fabulous culture, brutal wars, social upheaval and fascinating leadership. Although being a republic for around four hundred years, its emperors often define the Roman Empire. Some of them are bad, some of them good. Nero who lived from December fifteen A.D 37 to June ninth 68 was one of the most terrible emperors and was remembered as a very unreliable person and a very big liar. ( William G, 16 October 2014) Nero was born in Antium, a beautiful city in Rome. He lived with his mother because his father Gnaeus Domitrius Ahenobarbus died when Nero was still a child. After his father’s death, his mother Agrippina the Younger, married emperor…show more content…
He achieved power through his family, wealth and talents. He kept his power through his leadership qualities and relations with his family members. Nero had a very harsh leadership. He was never nice, kind or gentle. Nero’s qualities had frightened everybody. He wanted to kill those who thought may be better that him. During his rule, Nero murdered his own mother, Agrippina the younger, his first wife, Octavia, and allegedly, his second wife, Poppaea Sabina. In 59 AD, Nero’s mistress suggested to kill his mother. The reason why he got his mother killed was because she was plotting to kill him. ‘‘Nero didn’t trust his Praetorian Guard to carry out the killing, so he ordered naval troops to sink a boat that she would be sailing on.’’ When everyone knew that Agrippina died, he lied by saying that she committed suicide. He also poisoned his fourteen-year-old stepbrother, but told everyone he has an epileptic fit. After killing his mother, Nero had terrible nightmares. (Owen…show more content…
This event led to the greatest threat to Nero’s reign, which began on July 18th, and lasted at least for six days. The fire started at the southeastern end of the Circus Maximus in trading areas, which sold flammable goods. Three of fourteen Roman districts were entirely destroyed and others were severely damaged. Hundreds of people died and many thousands were left homeless. The cost to rebuild Rome was immense. It is still uncertain who or what actually caused the fire. Tacitus who is Roman orator and public official, was one of the greatest historian and one of the greatest prose stylists using Latin language. He mentioned that Christians confessed to the crime, but it is not known whether these confessions were induced by torture. However, accidental fires were common in ancient Rome. In fact, Rome suffered other large fires in 69 and in 80AD. In the case with Nero, the Roman citizens blamed the Emperor for starting the Great Fire for his personal needs, which created conflict in his own government and the greatest threat to his reign.
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