The Characteristics Of Postmodern Advertising

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In January 2016, HS Ad company launched an advertisement of, a shopping portal site of Shinsegae Emart, which went viral instantly. This advertisement emerged as the most effective advertisement of the year, raising the sales of by 32% and the number of new members of the service by 28% within a couple of months. In April 2016, it won the grand prize from Korea Advertising Society for this Year 's Advertisement." This popular and effective advertisements had many characteristics of postmodernism, and reflected many postmodern aspects of the Korean advertising society. Although it has many postmodern characteristics, in this paper we will focus on just three aspects of it. First, it is an uncertain advertisement which reduces the amount of product information to the minimum and deconstructs the traditional narrative. Second, this advertisement is superior to the product it advertises, and supports the simulation theory of Baudrillard. Third, it takes the form of pastiche and reflects the pastiche trend of the advertising society. This paper intends to show the effect of postmodernism on the advertising trend and the characteristics of postmodernism TV-commercials through the analysis on advertisement.
The first postmodern aspect of this advertisement is that it is an uncertain advertisement. This advertisement reduces the amount of product information to the minimum, and makes the product it is advertising very unclear. In the advertisement the only

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