The Characteristics Of Propaganda

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SOVIET UNION PROPOGANDA Propaganda, by definition, is information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view. This biased information is what controls many countries, especially those who are run by a dictator or communist leader. The government will usually control the media, showing only news and stories that shows a positive view of the country. For example, the North Korean government would not let the news show a story about how the United States is helping injured seals. Instead, they may make up a story of how everyone in the United States is obese. This would cause the people to dislike the people of another country just because of the lies of a government. Propaganda is used by every country in the world in some way. Either it is subtle or completely controlling, it is used everywhere. Weather it is through posters being hung, controlling the media, or straight out lying. During World War 2, propaganda was a important tool used by all countries involved. One of the countries to use it the most was the Soviet Union, headed by Joseph Stalin. The Soviet Union at the time of World War 2 was a communist country, even though they did not display many characteristics of communist countries. The leader was the ruthless Joseph Stalin. He was an insane leader who had complete control of his country. He would kill anyone he didn’t like or anyone who he thought would try to take the power away from

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