The Characteristics Of Qualitative Research

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The researcher chose qualitative research in this research. Qualitative research uses interactive and humanistic methods which are growing and involving participant in the study. Qualitative research related with words and often to use observation. Based on Kothari (2004), qualitative method concern to the behavior, attitude, and opinion of the research subject and get to know the issues that happened in the related environment. In qualitative research, the researcher interprets the data by developing a description, analyzing data and finally drawing conclusions about its meaning theoretically.
The characteristics of qualitative research (Rossman and Rallis, 1998) cited in Creswell are:
1) Qualitative research usually done in the field. Meaning
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Rose, Spinks &Canhoto (2015) stated that “case study is the investigation of specific instance of something that comprise the case in the study”. Case study can be define as a research which providing a detailed account and analysis of cases. A case study is an approach which facilitates exploration of a phenomenon within its context using a data sources. It ensures that the issue is not explore through one lens, but rather a variety of lenses which allows for multiple facets of the phenomenon to be understood and revealed. Case study could support the researcher to get understanding of why, how, and who. It helps the researcher to dig deeper explanations about the issues through the test theory and gain understanding according to Farquhar…show more content…
This research use primary data and the researcher got the data from documentation of in-depth interviews. In order to conduct a good in-depth interview, the researcher must know about the culture to make a polite interview. In-depth interviews are much more like conversations than a formal events with predetermined response categories, this methods is based on an assumption fundamental to qualitative research (Marshall, 2006). According to Workbook-E, the steps that are involves in conducting in-depth interviews
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