The Characteristics Of Rattus Norvegicus, And The Rat

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The Rattus Norvegicus rat is mostly nocturnal. This kind of rat 's eyes are actually built for a nocturnal lifestyle. During the night these rats take the dark as time to prepare nest, dig burrows, and forage for food. Since Rattus Norvegicus are very fast learners they can remember any route they take through a sewer or burrow networks. This helps these rats at night because it is the time that they go foraging for food in areas that contain many food resources. Just like the Rattus Norvegicus forages to find its food, these rats also forage to build their nest. Any leaves, garbage, twigs, paper, feathers, and shredded vegetation that these rats find will be what their nest is made out of. Then, the burrows that these rats dig themselves are used as a place to store food, nesting, and an area to hide.

The rat species Rattus Norvegicus tends to live in big packs, with a dominant male as their “leader”. While the rats live in these big packs, they use multiple ways of communications in order to be able to communicate with each other. The Rattus Norvegicus in general has great hearing, but typically when they are communicating with other rats they uses visual cues and body postures. Other than rats great hearing, this is only one good sense that these rats have. The Rattus Norvegicus also have a great sense of smell. Their great sense of smell helps them mainly when they are looking for food but also when they have to distinguish one rat from another. Another great quality

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